Flowerpot Balconia

A Flowerpot Innovation

Product Development

The classic flowerpot may hardly seem a technically improvable object. But the law of design says there’s always a way. That’s the mindset that led us to develop Balconia, our adaptable, eco-efficient and logistically economical rendition of the flowerpot.

Balcony Design

Thanks to its linear design, Balconia fits in even the most miniature balconies. Rather than taking up room in diameter, its lean shape allows for minimal crowding. The fixture can be secured on any railing—all without obstructing the view.

Effective Logistics

In our product design quest, we discovered we could save a great deal on emissions and logistical costs just by adjusting the shape of the flowerpot. Our redesign improves logistical efficiency by 25% thanks to better stacking, thus saving both fuel and storage space. The impact is underlined by the fact that the classic flowerpot is mass-produced (online eshop) in the tens of thousands annually.

It takes a team to create something of value

Designed with love by:

Matyas Fuchs
Q Designers
Product Designer

David Hama
Managing Director

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