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The Challenge

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3M is one of the world’s biggest multinationals, producing lots of great, innovative products. One of them is 3M Diamond Grade™ Reflective Sheeting – unique sheeting for traffic signs sold worldwide. This material really saves lives, yet few are aware of this. So our challenge was to find an original use for 3M Diamond Grade sheets that would highlight the remarkable properties of this material.

The Design

During our research into the material we found out that in traffic signs production there is quite a big amount of reflective sheet left over from the process -- and that is bad for both the environment and for 3M. But this problem actually provides a good opportunity for smart design.

Product Family

We designed a light that is composed of reflective shields that are actually the triangles left over after the circular cutouts have been made for signs. We have acquired all the necessary technical and safety certifications and today produce these lights to order.

The Ecology

3M can use these lamps to explain the properties of their reflective sheets as well as showcase innovative ideas that are beautiful and useful. One light saves the leftovers from 20-30 traffic signs produced.

The Solution

That’s it. The collection Infinite Lights consists of lamps and lampshades created from 3M Diamond Grade sheets left over from traffic sign production. They are an example of innovative, ecological and reflective approach to design. It is both a way of how to deal with waste and at the same time create a modern-looking lighting product.


We delivered the lights not only for the 3M showroom, Impact HUB Prague and Prague Innovation Centre, but also at the biggest universal exposition EXPO 2015 in Milan, where more than 20 million visitors came to see it. So, we think that our mission of finding an innovative way for promoting 3M materials was quite successful.

It takes a team to create something of value

Designed with love by:

Jindra Fialka
Q Designers

Matyas Fuchs
Q Designers
Product Designer

Jan Masek
Innovation Leader

Eduard Perski
Sales Supervisor

Filip Pruzinec

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