Customer Experience

Brands and products interact with people in different environments - via websites, mobile applications, events, marketing channels etc. Thanks to our design process and multidisciplinary skillset we deliver great customer experience both online & offline.

Customer Journey Mapping

We gather crucial information about users and customers using tools like intervirews, qualitative and quantitative data analysis, market research, mystery shopping etc. For great CX design this is a powerful tool and thanks to our social sciences background we better understand the context of users.

Touchpoint Design

We use the the research data and customer journey insights to actually create the touchpoints like websites, applications, POS materials, campaigns, events, presentations etc. This is where we do a lot of prototyping, validating and testing.

Performance Optimisation

In order to reach the ideal results we evaluate the customer feedback and optimize performance. We make sure to maximize customer satisfaction and deliver outstanding experience while keeping the clear business value on mind.

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